This Week in AWS, Dec 21-2013

AWS CLI allows its user to manage/configure multiple AWS services via single unified tool and allowing them to automate their work. But to prevent unauthorized access it requires the client credentials.

Recently we came across one such incident, where the user left the credentials in the public Github repository and ended up with $3500 bill against cc2.8xlarge instances, which were apparently used to mine lite coins. To safeguard yourself from such malicious activities make sure you follow the security white paper published by AWS.

This week AWS announced three more CloudFront / Route 53 locations at Manila, Marseille, and Warsaw along with reductions for On Demand and Reserved Instance (RI) prices for EC2′s HI1 instances, which feature 16 vCPUs (Virtual CPUs), 60.5 GiB of RAM, 2 TB of SSD-backed instance storage, and 10 Gigabit ethernet connectivity.

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