This Week in AWS, Jan 12-2014

In its never ending zeal for performance Amazon Web Services launched two new edge locations this week in Taipei and Rio de Janerio. Making it their first edge location in Taiwan and second in Brazil.

These new locations would give further boost to their services like CloudFront and Route 53 as they support all their functionalities like accelerating client website, media streaming, security features like SSL certificates, Geo-restriction of content for CloudFront and health checks, DNS failover, latency-based routing for Route 53.

Launched in 1982, now UK’s premier public service TV channel, were able to create a high-performance data-analytic solution with AWS EMR i.e. a flexible, integrated service capable of capturing, storing, indexing, searching, mapping, analyzing and matching high volumes of viewer and platform data on demand. Sanjeevan Bala, Head of Data Planning & Analytics, Channel 4 also quoted “with Amazon EMR we can analyze 100% of the data not just a sample. Traditional analytics can’t do that”

Artsy an online website featuring work from leading galleries, museums, and private collections around the world, explains how they were able to reduce latency, integrate their services better and save cost by moving to AWS Opswork from a third-party provider tool to run its environment.

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